Whilst still in the womb we are totally dependent upon the health of our mother and her biological systems. Her health is dependent upon, or influenced by, a whole host of other systems which vary in many ways depending on the place she happens to live. The experience of giving birth also varies according to the systems available. The chances we and our mothers will survive childbirth also varies greatly, so does the chance of us surviving infancy and reaching adulthood.

Christopher Duffley was born in May 2001. He was very premature and weighed less than one kilogram (1lb 12oz)…

In 1997 Marilyn Strathern, an anthropologist, restated what has been called Goodhart’s law with the adage, “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” The adage says that all metrics of scientific evaluation are bound to be abused. When one measure is picked as an indicator it ceases to function as an indicator because people start to game it.

A measure is an indicator, also referred to as a proxy. The measure becomes a substitute for that which it is supposed to be measuring, usually progress towards some objective. …

Paul Barnett

Advocating the purpose of all enterprise should be contributions to sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing.

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